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US OPEN 2017

The L3/Team Lee team went to Las Vegas on January 31,2017. This is the biggest and hardest tournemnt in the US, ranked at a G2 for ranking points.

Athletes -

Seniors (18+ ages)

Maurico Newman -80

Berny Noragray -58

Juan Carlos Norzaguay -54

Luis Orozco -63

Dayvd Cabrera -63

Alicia Ferrell - 62

Alisa Viana -49

Juniors (15-17 age)

Jamine Haas -59

Juan Carlos Norzagay-52

Cadets (12-14 Age)

Alena Viana -59

Delaney Campbell -33

Kevin Aguilar -33

Raymond Malphurs -57

Youth(10-11 age)

Alendro Rivas -35

Our seniors gained tons of experience Luis, Davyd, Mauriico, and Alisa all fought amazing but fell short in their second match. Juan Carlos made his senior debut and fought a close match against the Spain national team member. Alicia competed in her first ever internationally-ranked tournament and fought hard in her opening match. Jasmine made her junior debut, losing 2-1 in a nail-biting first match. Kevin lost his second match, but fought great. Raymond fought with passion but lost his opening match. Alendro fought his first international event, he learned valuable lessons and gained experience. 

We brought home 3 Medals (2 Gold, 1 bronze). Berny took home the bronze after five fights, losing to Silver Olympic medalist in golden point. Alena won the Gold after 3 intense fights. Delaney won the Gold after 5 fights. Win or lose everyone gained experience and memories that are irreplaceable.



Alena Viana

Delaney Campbell


Berny Norzaguay

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