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2018 National Championships

In 2018 the Team Lee/L3 athletes competed at the USAT National Championships in Salt Lake City and the AAU National Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida!   


We are proud of ALL the athletes who competed, no matter the result, because ring time gives valuable experience in an environment that can't truly be duplicated in training.


Earning national medals:


USAT 2018 national championships:

  Hannah Keck (Jr. +68kg) - Gold

  Hannah Keck (Sr. +73kg) - Bronze

  Alena Viana (Jr. -68kg) -Gold

  Luis Orozco (Sr. -63kg) - Silver

  Cassandra Carrilo (Jr. -42kg) - Bronze

  Delaney Campbell (Jr. -42kg) - Bronze

  Raymond Malphurs (Cadet -57kg) - Bronze

AAU 2018 national championships:

  Priscilla Salazar (Cadet -44kg) - Silver


We are proud of these Team Lee/L3 athletes!

Athletes competing (world class black belts)

Seniors 18-32

Luis Orozco 

Davyd Cabrera 

Alisa Viana 

Alicia Ferrell 


Juniors 15-17

Alena Viana

Hannah Keck

Cassandra Carrillo 

Delaney Campbell 


Cadets 12-14

Priscilla Salazar 

Raymond Malphurs

Nash Fitzgerald 

Jason Simental

Youth 10-11

Alejandro Rivas

Color Belts

Antonio Rivas 

Nisa Hubbard


2017 USA National Championships Results

In 2017 Team Lee athletes returned from the USAT and AAU national championships with 7 medals. Alena Viana and Delaney Campbell receive Golds at USA National Championships and AAU National Championships - becoming USA National Team Members for Cadet Worlds in Egypt and have a spot for AAU National Team Trials. Junior Newman received bronze at the USA National Championships plus a spot for USA National Team Trials in 2018. Cassandra Carrillo won a bronze medal in her opening Junior year (15-17yr olds). Nash won a bronze in the Red Belt Cadet division. All very well deserved. Luis Orozco lost a nail-biting quarter final 20-22 against the number one seed. Davyd Cabera, Alisa Viana, Jasmine Haas, and Alicia Ferrell lost a close quarter final, all so close to clinching a medal. Everyone did an amazing job and Team Lee will take this experience and strive to improve for next year.

2016 USA National Championships Results

Team Lee HP sent a group of 16 athletes to USA National Championships in Detroit and 4 athletes to AAU National Championships in Florida. The athletes trained 4-6  hours each day in preparation these tournaments. Even though not all athletes medaled, they carry home something more important, experience and the drive for more.
Athletes(World Class Black Belts) 
Luis Orozco (USAT)
Junior Newman (USAT)
Davyd Cabrera (USAT)
Alicia Ferrell (USAT)
Alisa Viana (USAT)
Jasmine Haas (USAT/AAU)
Paden Stacy (USAT/AAU)
Cassandra Carrillo (USAT)
Alena Viana (USAT/AAU)
Delaney Campbell (USAT/AAU)
Priscilla Salazar (AAU)
Kevin Aguliar (USAT)
Andrew Parades (USAT)
Raymond Malphurs (USAT)
Alejandro Rivas (USAT)
Color Belts-
Antonio Rivas (Blue Belt 8-9 yr old)
Nash Fitzgerald (Red Belt Cadet)

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