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Practicing Martial Arts

Little Champions

Our Little Champions Classes helps your 3-5 year old children learn many skills: basic mobility, focus, following directions, obeying rules, applying directions to body motion. We designed this program to be very fun. So, kids can do this without any stress. Still, we enforce rules and manners.

Martial Arts Class

Children, Teens and Adults

Teens ages 13+ and adults can join in our classes as a family or in separate classes that they can learn basic kicks, blocks, and punch movements. Sometimes, parents worry that their kids will be aggressive by taking martial arts classes. However, our experience is the very opposite. If they can kick and punch all they want in a controlled environment, they have no desire to do so somewhere else.


Elite Sport Taekwondo

This is specialized program is designed for Olympic Sport Taekwondo competition and is the premier training facility for serious Olympic Sport Taekwondo competitors in the Mesquite and Dallas Metroplex.

Taekwondo is one of only two martial arts that are included in the Summer Olympic Games. Our mission is to place athletes on the United States Cadet, Junior, Collegiate, Senior & Olympic Teams while giving athletes the opportunity to compete internationally. Instructor approval is required for this Elite competition travel team and will require a try out.

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Master Dong Lee, 6th Dan

Founder: Grandmaster Chang Sik Lee, 9th Dan

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